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- Systemic coagulopathy drives host lethality in a new Drosophila tumor model

   TC Hsi, K Ong, JJ Sepers, Jung Kim, D Bilder



- Tumor-induced disruption of the blood-brain barrier promotes host death

   Jung Kim, HC Chuang, NK Wolf, CJ Nicolai, DH Raulet, K Saijo, D Bilder

   Developmental Cell 56 (19), 2712-2721. e4

     > Highlighted in Developmental Cell

     > Highlighted in The Scientist

- Tumour–host interactions through the lens of Drosophila

   D Bilder, K Ong, TC Hsi, K Adiga, Jung Kim

   Nature Reviews Cancer 21 (11), 687-700


- Mechanical stress regulates insulin sensitivity through integrin-dependent control of insulin receptor localization

   Jung Kim, D Bilder, TP Neufeld

   Genes & Development 32 (2), 156-164

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- Rab6 promotes insulin receptor and cathepsin trafficking to regulate autophagy induction and activity in Drosophila

   CI Ayala, Jung Kim, TP Neufeld

   Journal of Cell Science 131 (17), jcs216127


- Coordination of autophagosome–lysosome fusion and transport by a Klp98A–Rab14 complex in Drosophila

   C Mauvezin, AL Neisch, CI Ayala, Jung Kim, A Beltrame, CR Braden, MK Gardner, TS Hays, TP Neufeld

   Journal of Cell Science 129 (5), 971-982


- Dietary sugar promotes systemic TOR activation in Drosophila through AKH-dependent selective secretion of Dilp3

   Jung Kim, TP Neufeld

   Nature Communications 6 (1), 1-10

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- Assays to monitor autophagy in Drosophila

   C Mauvezin, C Ayala, CR Braden, Jung Kim, TP Neufeld

   Methods 68 (1), 134-139


- Cloning and characterization of microRNAs from porcine skeletal muscle and adipose tissue

   IS Cho*, Jung Kim*, HY Seo, DH Lim, JS Hong, YH Park, DC Park, KC Hong, KY Whang, YS Lee

   Molecular Biology Reports 37 (7), 3567-3574


- Improved serum stability and biophysical properties of siRNAs following chemical modifications

   IS Cho*, Jung Kim*, DH Lim, HC Ahn, H Kim, KB Lee, YS Lee

   Biotechnology Letters 30 (11), 1901-1908

- Identification and characterization of new microRNAs from pig

   Jung Kim, IS Cho, JS Hong, YK Choi, H Kim, YS Lee

   Mammalian Genome 19 (7), 570-580

- Functional analysis of dicer-2 missense mutations in the siRNA pathway of Drosophila

   DH Lim*, Jung Kim*, S Kim, RW Carthew, YS Lee

   Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 371 (3), 525-530

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