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We are actively hiring!!!

We are looking for motivated students and researchers at all levels:

Research Assistant (RA)

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


For any inquiries, please send your CV to Dr. Jung Kim:

Principal Investigator

Jung KIM, PhD

    School of Biomedical Sciences

    University of Hong Kong


Professional Experience

    Postdoctoral fellow   University of California-Berkeley (USA)


    PhD: University of Minnesota (USA)

    MS:   Korea University (South Korea)

    BSc:  Korea University (South Korea)

Postgraduate Student

Renee KWOK

   MPhil student (2023/09 ~)

     Research Assistant (2022/11 ~ 2023/08)

      BSc:  Chinese University of Hong Kong

Yuchen LIU

   PhD student (2023/09 ~)

      BSc:  Zhejiang University


Harold SY

   Final-Year Project student (2023/09 ~)

     University of Hong Kong

Tiffany POON

   Final-Year Project student (2023/09 ~)

      University of Hong Kong

Technical Officers

Carmen LOK

   Senior Technical Officer (2022/09 ~)

      MS:   University of Sydney (Australia)

      BSc:  University of Sydney (Australia)


   Technical Officer (2023/03 ~)

      BSc:  Chung Yuan Christian Univ. (Taiwan)

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